Pookage Hayes

Creative Web Design

Most websites are dinosaurs; outdated, unresponsive and google hates them. I can fix all that.

Your site's longevity is important; so, aside from keeping up with design trends, I always use the same working credos:


Tumblr Development Vector Illustration

Tumblr Development

For blogs, I specialise in Tumblr development. It's not only powerful, but comes with an active community - which never hurts when it comes to viral marketting.

Google Analytics Reports Clipboard Graph Vector Illustration


I provide weekly or monthly analytics reports to ensure that your advertising is reaching where it should and your site is optimised for the type of visitors you are getting.

Branding Q Vector Illustration


I create positive brands to encapsulate your company in the correct way; your brand is the first impression your customers get, so make sure it's the right one.

User Interface Vector Illustration

UI Design

Whether you're working on an app or just want a better experience for your users, a well-designed interface makes all the difference. This is what I do.

Google Search-Engine Optimisation Vector Illustration


I don't believe in cheating the search-engines and use organic practices instead. There are knacks to topping Google, and I'm happy to share them.

Graphic Design Self Vector Illustration

Graphic Design

Everything looks better with original graphics, and I've been adding flair to websites, posters, books and apps since 2007.


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